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Frequently Asked Questions
Feel free to contact us via or +49 30 54031076 for assistance.
How does Seven Lanes work?
Every new applicant is screened carefully by our curation team. If admitted, you will receive an invitation to our platform typically within 24 hours. Now you can complete your profile indicating your job preferences and earliest starting date. From then on, you will become visible to a handpicked selection of employers actively looking for candidates. If they think you are a good match, they will send you interview requests to which you should ideally respond within 48 hours. However, getting personally invited by employers is only one way to a new position. We truly believe you should be in full control of your job search. Therefore, you can also become active, browse through handpicked vacancies that match your interests, and apply with one click once you have spotted an exciting opportunity. Following your application, we guarantee that employers will review your profile and give you feedback within 7 days. After securing multiple offers, take your time to choose the one you like best. At Seven Lanes, we cherish hard work: once you have been hired, we will send you a special gift box along with a signing bonus to celebrate your accomplishment.
Who should apply to Seven Lanes?
We are looking for applicants with excellent track records, i.e. strong students and graduates of Europe's best universities. Typically, our candidates belong to the top 25% of their peers in terms of overall profile quality (which is not limited to an outstanding GPA). When assessing an application, we consider a variety of factors such as university reputation, academic performance, previous work experience, and extracurricular achievements. The positions we are currently offering on our platform are mostly geared towards a business or business related background. However, with an education in mathematics, physics, or computer science, and an interest in quantitative roles, you are more than welcome to apply. All remaining fields such as law, engineering, social sciences, or medicine are not within our scope yet, but will follow soon. When in doubt whether or not to apply, we strongly advise you to do so. Many of our applicants were surprised to receive an invitation, and now you will find them working on the most exciting projects across Europe.
What kind of jobs and locations are you hiring for?
Currently, we offer internship and entry-level positions for students and graduates at Bachelor and Master level. You can choose from one of the following areas: Business Development, Operations, Online Marketing, Business Intelligence, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Asset Management, Private Equity, and Venture Capital. The preselected employers offering these positions are either high-growth ventures or more established companies. In the near future, more industry sectors will follow. The majority of the companies you will find on our platform are based in German hubs such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or Frankfurt. However, we are expanding our employer base in Europe on a daily basis so you can explore opportunities abroad as well.
How is Seven Lanes different from other career platforms?
We know that finding a new job can be tedious and often discouraging. It is nearly impossible to figure out what you really want while wading through thousands of irrelevant vacancies on job boards. At Seven Lanes, we believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, both candidates and employers are carefully screened before their admission to our platform. Every day, we work hard to curate the market and search for the best available opportunities, so you won't have to. We believe in full transparency and control when it comes to planning a career, so we have redesigned the hiring process. Our curation team makes sure that the positions you can apply to fit your specific background and preferences. You will also receive guranteed feedback on your application within 7 days.
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Our candidates come from Europe’s leading academic institutions:
Our candidates come from Europe’s leading academic institutions:
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